Gutzwiller Gallery


Daniel Gutzwiller is an artist working in mediums ranging from ceramics and glass to metals and electronics. His unique artistic process begins by conceptualizing the finished work, then using a computer to sculpt a virtual model. Robotic equipment renders the mold into which the materials are shaped. When approaching the challenge of bringing an artistic vision to life, Daniel combines computer technology with time-honored glass forming and metal casting traditions.

Daniel expressed himself artistically at an early age. During childhood, his grandmother introduced him to ceramics, as well as teaching him photo-etching techniques. He learned the venerable crafts of lost-wax casting and jewelry smithing. Later, Daniel pursued a formal education in computer technology. During this period, he worked as an electronics technician at an industrial automation-engineering firm, gaining experience with computer controlled robotic equipment. Disenchanted with the information technology industry, Daniel returned to his artwork, melding craftsmanship with his proficiency with advanced technology. Having studied under Phil Teefe, and inspired by the techniques of Michael Dupille, Daniel has now established his own distinctive style.

“My primary goal”, Daniel says, “is to create works of beauty that will be appreciated long after I am gone.”