Gutzwiller Gallery




Custom Molds

We make custom molds for slumping, fusing, and kiln-carving . The cost varies depending on the size and complexity of the design.  For most simple designs,  a $400 dollar design fee will cover the cost of  producing the first two finished molds, which are included in this price.  Additional copies for simple molds start at $10 each.  We can provide a quote that is tailored for your mold.

Artistic Design & 3D Modeling
Precision 3D CNC Machining
Parts CNC routed up to 50"x50"X8".

Casting: Glass, Metals
Lost Wax Casting, Lost Foam Casting, Sand Casting, Ceramic Shell Casting, Investment Casting.

Custom 3D signs
Edge lit engraved acrylic with color changing LEDs. Engraved wood and metal signs.

Glass casting is 12.75" in Diameter and weighs 5lbs 4oz.


Parts CNC routed up to 50"x50"X8"  

Lost Wax Casting
Lost Foam Casting
Sand Casting

Investment Casting
Ceramic Shell Casting

Custom 3D wood signs

           sign to the left is 20"x14"

Precision machined parts, tolerances up to two thousandths of an inch.